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Ms. Eintou Pearl Springer, Creative Force

An award-winning actress, Ms. Springer held the title of Poet Laureate of Port of Spain from 2002-2009.


The Chibale Drumming Ensemble has local and international performance experience. Formed in 2006, the group comprises the children of Idakeda. Their name comes from the Egyptian word meaning ‘Kinship’ or ‘Brotherhood’.

Idakeda Group announces the launch of ICAN
(Indigenous Creative Arts Network)

a Non-Governmental and Charitable Organisation dedicated to empowering young people through Performance Arts and Indigenous Culture

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Soul Portal : Writings and Explorations of Dara E. Healy

There is hope. Yup, in the midst of unimaginable crime, insecurity and social environmental and spiritual degradation, hope lingers, available for all with eyes to see; ears to hear; minds to absorb…From Gateway to Light, Love and Liberty by Meryl James-Sebro, Ph.D.