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Canboulay: The soul of Carnival


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Baby Doll Meets Midnight Robber

"Baby Baby, where yuh Daddy?!"

The ‘Baby Doll' carnival character in the play graphically and powerfully explores the core themes of HIV/AIDS, appropriate and safe sexual behaviour teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, peer pressure and ‘Right Choices'.

The language is that of the ‘now' youth, but the production is rooted in the Carnival tradition that is so Trinidad and Tobago, so Caribbean and which now resonates internationally.

The Baby Doll as the symbol of and the challenge to make the Right Choices is joined on stage by other Carnival characters, the Devil as the ultimate tempter and the Midnight Robber as the voice which impacts the conscience of the young people.

"Is you, is you is the Daddy!

Pandemonium ensues as she accuses one of the young men in the audience! All of the characters interact directly with the young audience, intensifying the impact of the play and the intervention strategy so perfected by Idakeda.

The play whether shown in the Caribbean or to international audiences has been successful in using the unique and relevant approach of the Traditional Carnival Characters of Trinidad and Tobago to explore problems, initiate discussion and ultimately, find solutions

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